“Orozco The Embalmer” Banned in UK. Documentary about a real-life embalmer in Columbia, and his work in clearing the bodies from the activities of the drug cartels and murderers Horrific and Brutal. Extremely rare. Camera Obscura 0878/1000 £100.00
“Paranoia Agent” Gory Japanese animation series. Contains all 13 episodes £15.00
“Philosophy Of A Knife” Banned in the UK. Russian/American pseud0-documentary about the infamous Japanese Unit-731 in WWII. Complete version of the film running nearly 5 hours. 2 discs £75.00
“Riki-Oh” Japanese action thriller based on manga comic book. 2 disc Blu-Ray/DVD Brutal £25.00
“Salo” Criterion 2-disc Blu-Ray edition with book £25.00
“Salo” BFI single DVD disc in hard box £10.00
“Scream” 1996 Wes Craven classic in its fully uncut form. The uncut version has never been released in UK/US and this German release is the only way to obtain it. £20.00
“Snuff 102” Banned in the UK. 2 Disc edition of notorious Argentinian snuff film. Sick, violent and disturbing. £20.00
“Subconcious Cruelty” Banned in the UK. Swedish fully uncut. Depraved, Blasphemous and beautiful. 2-disc version £40.00
“Uncle Sam” William Lustig’s last movie. Blue Underground £12.00
“Zombi Holocaust” Blu-Ray. Completely uncut with the ‘Pit Scene’ re-inserted into the film. Postcard and booklet, and a limited edition outer sleeve of only 1000 issued. £75.00

“Zombie Flesh Eaters” 2 disc Blu-Ray edition of the Lucio Fulci classic. This has the corrected disc, as first pressings were incomplete, and is now fully uncut. Includes booklet. £20.00
“Demon Wind” Supernatural shocker with an abundance of gore. Vinegar Syndrome 2 disc Blu -Ray with hologram lenticular cover. £60.00
“Found” 2012 serial killer movie only released uncut in this XLrator edition. Very disturbing and very rare £50.00
“Humongous” Canadian 1982 horror movie. Cut in the UK, and only available uncut in this ‘Scorpion Katrina’s Nightmare Theatre’ edition. Blu-Ray in slip case £45.00
“Nekromantik 2” DVD 2 disc set with booklet £25.00
“Nekromantik” Single disc edition from Barrell entertainment £25.00
“Stage Fright” 1987 Italian horror. Blu-Ray £15.00
“Tales of Terror” 33 five minute tales from Japan’s Horror elite 2 discs £10.00
“Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” 1986 Tobe Hooper sequel. Arrow three disc Blu-Ray box set with book. £25.00
“Der Todesking” 1990 suicide themed film from Jorg Buttgereit £15.00
“Dead Girl Walking”2004 Japanese with English subtitles. Surreal body horror running 44 minutes £20.00
“Blood Rage” Arrow 3 disc Blu-Ray edition. The original, complete version £25.00
“Mighty Peking Man” Hong Kong 1977. Re-marketed by Quentin Tatantino under this title. German release, Mandarin with English sub-titles £15.00
“Hari Kari” c1989/90 A collection of Japanese ritual suicide shorts. Incredibly rare, and probably deservedly so, but if you want the far end of movie making with no discernible purpose it has to be checked out. 3 discs £75.00
“Murder Set Pieces” 2004 Banned in the UK, and heavily cut elsewhere, this is the Swedish fully uncut version. Very rare £30.00
Argento classic in a 3 disc edition with CD, booklet and cards. Region 1 £25.00

“Tulpa Demon of Desire” 2012 Italian neo-giallo. 3 disc blu ray box set £25.00
“Bloody Terror – The Shocking Cinema of Norman J Warren” 5 cult Blu Ray movies. Includes the corrected discs as the first issues were faulty – ‘Caveat Emptor’ £50.00
“A Touch of Zen” 1971 cult classic. ‘Masters of Cinema’ 3 disc edition Blu-Ray plus booklet. £20.00
“Angst” 1983 German serial killer movie. Blu-Ray £25.00
“Battle Royale” definitive edition of cult movie. 3 disc Blu-Ray with all the cards and booklets. £25.00
“Battle Royale II” Not as good, but worth having £10.00
“Beings Alien Experiments” 2007 The ultimate in Alien abduction movies and very rare. Region 1 £30.00
“Beyond the Door” Box set containing 2 Blu-Ray and book. £35.00
“Beyond the Limits” 2 disc steelbook 2003 German movie “15.00