DVD/Blu-Ray (3)

“Boarding House” 1982 US Horror, the first to be shot on video. Banned in the UK and much shortened elsewhere, this edition from ‘Slasher Video’ is the only place to find the original 157 min Director’s cut, as well as the theatrical cut. It is also the only one to use the correct aspect ratio. £45.00
“Body Melt” Unusual Australian body-horror movie. Gory, twisted and fun. Blu-Ray, slipcase and booklet £20.00
“Business is Business” 1971 Dutch movie from Paul Verhoeven. Beautifully shot in the red light district of Amsterdam £15.00
“Cannibal Ferox” Grindhouse Special Edition. 2 Blu-Ray and 1 CD, booklet/poster. Longest known version of the film, with extra violence not seen before. Considered to be the definitive version £30.00
“Cannibal Holocaust” 2 disc Blu-Ray edition which has the UK 18 version, and a rare Director’s cut not released anywhere else, which omits the animal cruelty but includes new alternate footage £15.00
“Cannibal Holocaust” Grindhouse 3 disc edition: 2 blu-ray and 1 CD. Contains standard cut, minus the ‘Road to Hell’ sequence, and an alternate animal cruelty-free cut, different to the Shameless cut. booklet/poster and slip case, and considered the definitive realease. £30.00
“Cannibal Holocaust” Dutch EC single disc edition. As good an edition as any of the uncut editions outside the UK, only bettered by the 2 disc edition which is offered next. £15.00Among
“Cannibal Holocaust” Dutch EC 2 disc edition. Among all the myriad editions throughout the world, this one stands at the apex. The only genuinely full uncut version available. It is taken from a Dutch cinema print, and includes everything including the ‘Road To Hell’ sequence in its proper place in the film. As this particular sequence has now deteriorated to such an extent that it is unusuable for modern prints, it is unlikely that it will ever be released in this form again. This was released in a limited, numbered edition of only 4000, of which this is#1037. 2 disc with slip case. £60.00
“Cat O’Nine Tails” Argento classic, not hard to find, but always worth a look. £10.00

“Come Out And Play” Remake of the 1970’s Spanish movie ‘Who Can Kill A Child’. More violent and gory than the original, and not as good, but still worth catching. £10.00
“Contracted 1&2” Both parts of the dark two part horror movies. Very sick and inventive £20.00
“The Demons” 1973 Jess Franco; Nuns possessed by the Devil; full 2 hour French cut – what’s not to like? £15.00
“Der Todesking” 1990 notorious suicide fest from Jorg Buttgereit. Limited edition box set with Blu-Ray and CD; polaroid postcards and bookLimited to 3000 numbered copies £30.00
“Dust Devil” Supernatural hitch hiker movie from the now notorious Richard Stanley. Definitive five disc set featuring all known cuts, including ‘the Final Cut’ and ‘The Workprint’ Hard case with book and comic £40.00
“Eat” Very grim and disturbing cannabilistic US horror film from 2014. Extremely rare ‘Monster Pictures’ DVD, was recalled for unknown reasons, and so is technically unavailable. £75.00
“Eyes Without A Face” Franju’s masterpiece from 1960 set the template for many modern horror tropes, and is still an unsettling experience. £10.00
“Feast Trilogy” Fun, bloody monster movie collection that is a genuine 3 part story £10.00
“Female Trouble” Not hard to find, but who would be without it? Simply Divine £10.00

“Funny Games” Family in peril horror movie from 2007. Well made and very disturbing as they always are. Haneke’s original German version, which he remade in America 10 years later £10.00
“Gunsmith Cats” 1995 movie of the Manga comic. Region 1. £45.00
“Happy Birthday To Me” Classic 1980’s horror in 2 versions – the original unaltered version, and another version with a different music score. Blu-Ray/DVD and booklet £25.00
“Hardware” Richard Stanley movie made before ‘Dust Devil’. 1990 horror sci-fi flick is loosely based on the 2000AD comic title ‘Shok!’ Booklet and postcards only included in the first 100 copies £ 25.00
“Harpoon” 2009 Icelandic horror set on a Whale-Watching boat. Bloody, tasteless and vulgar £7.00
“Helldriver” Ultra-rare 2 disc edition of the Japanese/Hong Kong horror/sci-fi/fantasy splatterfest. contains 2 versions of the film: The theatrical cut, and the director’s extended cut. £20.00
“House of a 1000 Corpses” The classic Rob Zombie delirium that is not hard to find, and every home should have one £7.00
“Anguish” 1987 Spanish horror slasher from Director Bigas Luna. Cleverly constructed movie. German release in English, hard case media book £20.00
“Jailhouse Wardress” 1981 Extraordinary car crash of a movie that cuts and pastes segments from existing WIP/Naziploitation movies, redubs some of it and adds a few minutes of new footage to tie it all together (it doesn’t succeed!). Completely mad, but this is your authentic grindhouse fare £10.00
“Last House on the Beach” 1978 Italian revenge movie. Brutal and disturbing £30.00
“Macabre” Lamberto Bava’s 1980 horror thriller with poster and booklet £10.00
“Macabre” 2009 Thailand horror thriller from The Mo Brothers. Very gory and extremely rare title £30.00
“Madchen Mit Gewalt” 1970 German rape movie Blu-Ray and DVD, slipcase. German release, very rare £35.00
“Perfect Blue” 1997 anime psychological thriller £10.00
“Pieces” Gory campus slasher movie – only the killer wears clothes, and you don’t see him! Spanish film released by Grindhouse with the uncensored Director’s cut, and the Spanish cut.2 blu-Ray and CD, slipcase £40.00
“Schramm” 1993 Jorg Buttgereit serial killer movie. Notorious low budget horror in a boxed set of Blu-Ray and CD, polaroid postcards and book £20.00
“Puppet Master Axis of Evil” 2010 blu ray is one of a long running series. In this one the deadly puppets fight the Nazis – ’nuff said 15.00
“Sadomania”1981 Women in Prison movie from Jess Franco. Banned and then heavily cut in the UK, this Blue Underground edition is the longest version available, all others are cut £20.00
“The Antichrist” 1974 Italian rip off of ‘The Exorcist’ with some vintage US actors and a great Morricone soundtrack. German release, english language with booklet £20.00
“Street Trash” 1987 body horror romp – gory, sexy and fun £15.00
“The Corpse Grinders” 1971 Drive-In shlock that does what it says on the tin. £10.00
“The Driller Killer” Quintessential video nasty that provoked all the hysteria. In truth Abel Ferrara is a great director, and the film is a fine debut movie shot with no budget on 16mm £10.00
“The Human Centipede” 2009 extreme torture movie, that is actually pretty good, if you can swallow the subject matter, and not that extreme. Blu-Ray £10.00
“The Human Centipede 2” 2011 sequel that was banned and then heavily cut in the UK and elsewhere. This US unrated version is the only complete version available, and is far more extreme than the original. DVD £20.00
“The Human Centipede 2” 2011 sequel that was banned and then heavily cut in the UK and elsewhere. This US unrated version is the only complete version available, and is far more extreme than the original. Blu-Ray £40.00
“The Girl Next Door”2007 torture movie based on Jack Ketchum’s documentary novel about a real event. Very well made, and very disturbing. R rated, uncut US release £10.00
“The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue” Great UK/Italian zombie classic from 1974. Gloriously gory, but surprisingly intelligent too. Blue Underground Blu-Ray £30.00
“The Mad Butcher” 1974 US drive-In fare with the extraordinary Victor Bueno who could never escape his image. Rare with a cult following £30.00
“The Manitou” 1978 Fairly standard horror movie with Tony Curtis, but quite hard to find £10.00
“The Manson Family” Extremely rare UK Blu-Ray of this very graphic and extravagant semi-documentary movie. Gory and tasteless, but given the extreme nature of the subject, how could it be anything else. £40.00
“The Monkey’s Paw” 1948 A lovely period adaptation of W W Jacob’s classic horror story. Surprisingly hard to find £25.00
“The Paul Naschy Collection” Vol 1 Box set of 5 of Naschy’s Spanish Horror films £45.00
“The Ring Trilogy”Tartan Asia Extreme 4 disc limited edition. all three ring films plus rare ‘Sleeping Bride’ movie from 2000. Lenticular holograph cover in special plastic sleeve £35.00
“The Sadist Baron Von Klaus” 1962 Early Jesus Franco period serial killer movie. Ahead of its time and attacked by the censors, but now complete £15.00
“Tokyo Gore Police” Gory exploitation action film from Yoshihiro Nishimura, director of ‘Helldriver’ Special 2 disc edition £10.00
“Tombs of the Blind Dead” Classic Armando D’Ossorio Spanish gothic chiller from 1971. Contains the US Version (83m), and the longer Spanish cut (103m) which is substantially different £25.00