The Movie Shop

It’s been a long slow process, but the site is finally ready for use. I have now closed my Norwich shop, and will try to display my stock on this site as I am able to catalogue and photograph it.

I have begun with the posters which will be my primary stock for awhile. The posters are now held in storage and difficult to access at the moment. Although the gallery can indicate what I have had for sale, the only sure way to buy any of them is through my ebay site which lists all current offers. Please click on the link below:


The poster gallery consists of 1500+ images and can take time loading on some computers. A double click on any of the thumbnails will bring up a bigger picture.

The poster titles can be tedious to scroll through, but should give all the information needed, although I will be constantly editing to improve its accuracy and clarity. It can be set to show 100 titles per page.

This is very much a basic site entirely designed to show what I have for sale as simply as possible. As time allows I will try to refine it to make it more user friendly.

If you have any queries please email me at the following address: [email protected]

I can also be reached through my personal website/blog at:

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