Rare, unusual or extreme genre films

These will all be uncut, and sourced from the very best versions available world wide

“Defenceless: A Blood Symphony”. Australian rape-revenge film. Banned in the UK. Region 1 Very difficult to find £40.00
“The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail” 1971 giallo from Sergio Martino. Uncut Arrow blu-ray with booklet £20.00
1999 schlockfest from Full Moon Studios, Region 1. Genuinely bad movie, but very rare £15.00

“Amazonia The Catherine Miles Story” Blu-Ray 1985 Cannibal movie Limited edition of 500 with slip case, postcards and poster £20.00
“American Mary” 2012 Soska sisters classic £6.00
“Anthropophagous” 1980 infamous UK video nasty. Includes rare set of postcards £15.00
“Avalon” Polish sci-fi movie from Japanese director Mamoru Oshii £10.00

“Contraband” 1980 Lucio Fulchi Mafia Movie £10.00

“Don’t Go In The House” 1979 Video Nasty Contains poster and booklet “20.00
“Gestapo’s Last Orgy” 1977 Banned in the UK Region I £25.00
“Hard Revenge Milly/Bloody Battle” 2008/09 Japanese action movies £10.00
“What Have They Done To your Daughters?” Blu-Ray/DVD 1974 Giallo. 2 disc version includes the hardcore sequences banned in the UK £35.00
“Shogun’s Joy of Torture” Blu-Ray 1968 Japanese exploitation movie by Teruo Ishii £20.00
“Aftermath/Genesis” Banned in the UK. Three Nacho Cerda short films about Necrophilia.Region 1 £50.00
“Bloodfeast 2” Herschell Gordon Lewis sequel. £20.00

“Combat Shock” 1984 Violent thriller. £15.00
“Deadbeat at Dawn” Arrow blu-Ray. Slipcase and booklet £12.00
“Island of Death” Uncut Greek ex-video nasty. Includes infamous goat scene £15.00
“Demons 1 & 2” Anchor Bay Dario Argento collection. 2 Discs and cards £10.00
“Grotesque” Banned in the UK. Gory Japanese shocker. Asian release English subtitles. Slipcase £50.00
“The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast” Arrow box set. 17 films over 7 blu-Ray discs. £30.00
“Living Hell” Banned in the UK. Extreme Japanese torture movie. £35.00
“Eyeball” 1975 Umberto Lenzi giallo style thriller. German release, English version £15.00
“Life and Death of a Porno Gang” Serbian sex/horror banned in the UK £10.00
“Maniac” 2012 remake with Elijah Wood Blu-Ray £10.00
“Maniac” 1980 original. Banned in the UK.Lenticular cover, 3-Disc special edition £35.00
“Meat Grinder” Gruesome Thai splatter flick. Uncut £10.00
“Meatball Machine” Japanese sci-fi splatter flick £10.00
“Melancholie Der Engel” Banned in most of the world, this is a notorious nihilistic, hardcore pornographic extreme horror film that is extremely rare. This 159 minute version is a German release with no subtitles. A hard watch. £50.00

“Nightmares in a Damaged Brain” Former video nasty. Blu-Ray £25.00
“Nekromantik 2” Arrow limited edition box set from2015. 3 disc set – Blu-Ray/DVD/CD. Postcards and book. 1422/3000 £50.00
“Nekromantik” Arrow lmted edition box set from 2014. 3 disc set Blu-Ray/DVD/CD. Postcards and book. 233/3000 £50.00
“Nightmare City” 2 disc set Blu-Ray/DVD. Umbert Lenzi’s classic zombie splatterfest. English and Italian versions on both discs. £20.00
“Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl” 2009 Japanese shocker/exploitation title by the prolific Yoshihiro Nashimura £10.00